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A chair in the corner One leg broken And a whisper in the hall There's frustration Another walk around the room A loss of direction Before the start Some say a lot With few words spoken Some with peace Say nothing at all It's just a matter Of motivation to live Just a question Of where to get love Thrills and sand Fall through my open hand Where's my time gone Words look for the song Lost my America But made my own way I believe To this garden But on my face The idea is showing Shelter me for no reason At all Sunlight slanting Paranoid Feeling cold A little fucked up... alone Seems I'm spending These supposed best of years Quite unlike It says right here Cold A little fucked up... alone Take the face In hands spread open And one to one Let the power run Feed the mouth That's hungry... open Feed the mind That wonders why

Versuri muzica straina cuvinte cantece versuri cuvinte I Mother Earth. Album ultima melodie melodia Lost my america piesa melodia.

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