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I could settle down then take it slow do the right thing and gain twenty pounds before next spring when senses are dull and I hear the rain will fall for sure that would be something soulful Get it straight, get it right today hesitate or just carry on slow with wonder A little low on godspeed I didn't know your wet dream made a sound like an old corvette exploding turning you on while burning a brown hole in everyone's lightness Get back underground when the water gets cold the pushing around never saved your soul get back undergroung when the fight gets old so get it on and under with a little help and hope as your rope, jump on the high seat and fall super gone into the whiteness with your strength all gone and your crucifix on wrong they'll tear you down to nothing yell it! Tell it straight, tell me not to fade or to break though it's heavy I might just wonder why did a nova burst here and what does an elephant feel in the sun with a red umbrella something is bringing him down asleep in the mudhole of everyone's conscience It's coming around quiet and slow it's coming around all sweet and heavy like a world unfolding fast like a walk in the people's forest singing we're all on automatic->in a good way you turned it on you turned it upside down.

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