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Though the sign says "Monterey: forty light years from right here, " We'll go anyway got a head start on the clouds as the view, dream-like, rolls away, while every song you hate is playing in your head softly a loving sound Now the quiet never stays porcelain elvis heads and gamma rays keeping me awake with this fine knit elastic cloud, stretching out living new age golden days but when I think out loud my stupid little voice gets lost Fascination, overkill and sensation whole and violent when you're high you might touch down in gardens of gargantua when all the world is spinning say hello to him from all of us when all is all undone and sung without a sound over the always nobody elevates hoping for enlightning voices out of nowhere fastened tight crashing light into walls if you look around at all you might feel small where the soul lives where the whole thing is going down Every now and then I fall out into open air just to feel the wind, rain and everything and though the hum and sway gets me down I'll find the way to peace and openness but when I think out loud my stupid little voice gets lost in fact I'm waiting for everyone to shut up... muzica straina ultima melodie cuvintele. Cuvintele album descarca versurile asculta versuri versuri I Mother Earth cuvintele cuvintele Gargantua cuvintele.

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