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Snowin' in July My girls mouth on my toes Complainin' old ghosts In bedsheets of love Christmas In my legs A strange start to summer But I gave it all up In time to wonder Just when I thought I knew what I wanted A dirty old man reminds me I'm young... Experience The truth of all colours Think it out, Feel it up But do it right now How long 'till I'm real I long to be real How long 'till I'm real Left home to live And I did Trippin' all alone I've travelled miles Because of my head I've sang to myself To keep from going mad The land as my bed I slept beside the road The ground is my friend I become the road The longer I'm gone Changing on the go The better I'll know Mother and Dad Can only give you so much So I gave it of myself In the real world, love Twenty first century Mind expansion I wrote my own poems 'Cause I lived 'em

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