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Versuri Good for sule

The fathers torment the one son it falls on across warm deep oceans of moments and the man he must become A whole world away eighteen brothers holding out while the tree of importance waits but close and safe wife and daughters hear no drums or the voices of those he'll change and if it feels good they must understand that the way had opened to just a man with a faith in all good people walking gently knowing just how wonderful it is of the family portrait and a path unchosen both the roaring lions of emotion he knew one day would have to come while a whole world away his old home is reaching out with the hands of enraptured hope but more than that they hold up the one they want to the sun he's the only one...good for you sule.

Versuri descarca ultima melodie piesa cuvinte album Good for sule cuvinte. I Mother Earth descarca melodia muzica straina melodiei album versuri cuvintele.

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