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Long hard trails underneath the Texas sun Rode into the town I was lookin' for some action Drier than a cactus, had my back against the wall Suckin' down the hooch, when I heard the stranger yell, Draw! Tried to do some talkin', but his hand was on his gun I was quicker to the trigger, so now I'm on the run (Chorus) No I'm an outlaw, running like the rest No one buys my story, that I shot in self-defense Outlaw, runnin' from the pack Baby here they come, yeah they're breathin' down my back Hi-ho silver, now they're comin' after me Gotta keep movin' or they'll hang me from an old tree Tell my wife and kids I'll see them when I can Gotta keep movin' I am a wanted man Tried to do some talkin' but his gun was at my head Quicker to the trigger and I pumped him full of lead

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