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Versuri 1st Band On The Moon

There's a problem with the girls here on Earth They stopped acting dizzy wearing miniskirts Seems like everything wild is in distaste Gotta get my band off in outer, outerspace I want a place that wants arena rock Along with the girls who wanna suck my... Take out music up and fry some brains Teach a dimension how to go, go insane It can't come too soon Someone always has to break the rules Like a rock n roll cartoon 1st band on the moon Now it won't be too long Until we get to sing our songs Even if we're outta tune 1st band on the moon Everybody watchin on their TV sets Came out of the shuttle dancin penthouse pets And someone grabs a mic and really lets it spit But the band is so loud We blow the transmit (chorus) That's one small step for man One giant leap backwards for mankind

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