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Without you, there's no change My nights and days are grey If I reached out and touched the rain It just wouldn't feel the same Without you, I'd be lost I'd slip down from the top I'd slide down so low Girl you'd never, never know... (Pre-Chorus) Without you, without you A sailor lost at sea Without you, woman The world comes down on me (Chorus) Without you in my life I'd slowly wilt and die But with you by my side You're the reason I'm alive But with you in my life You're the reason I'm alive But without you, without you... Without you, my hope is small Let me be me all along You let the fires rage inside Knowing someday I'd grow strong (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) I could face a mountain But I could never climb alone I could start another day But how many, just don't know You're the reason the sun shines down And the nights, they don't grow cold Only you that I'll hold when I'm young Only we grow old (Solo) (Chorus)

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