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Kneel down ye sinners, to Streetwise religion Greed's been crowned the new King Hollywood dream teens Yesterday's trash queens Save the blessings for the final ring--AMEN Wild side I carry my crucifix Under my deathlist Forward my mail to me in hell Liars and the martyrs Lost faith in The Father Long lost in the wishing well Wild side Fallen Angels So fast to kill Thy kingdom come on the wild side Our father Who ain't in heaven Be thy name on the wild side Holy Mary Mother may I Pray for us on the wild side Wild side, Wild side Name dropping no-names Glamorize cocaine Puppets with strings of gold East L.A. at midnight Papa won't be home tonight Found dead with his best friend's wife Wild side Fatal strikes We lie on the wild side No escape Murder rape Doing time on the wild side A baby cries A cop dies A day's pay on the wild side Wild side, wild side Tragic life on the wild side Wild side, wild side Kickin' ass on the wild side

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