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Went to your house, baby they said you weren't home I asked if you could call me, then waited by the phone I don't like this feelin', think I'm slowly losin' my mind Girl I heard the rumors, you found somebody new When I heard you had a new love, broke my heart in two Honey let me hold you, tell you what you mean to me I don't wanna lose ya, I'm waitin' here so patiently You are all I need, girl you are the world to me You'll break my heart in two if you found somebody new You are all I need My friends tell me I'm crazy, you're just a waste of time But a love like ours is special, you're always on my mind Do I wanna hear the answer to the question that is Burnin' in me... Oooooooh Why can't I just hold you, and look into your eyes Wrap your arms around me, make love to me tonight Give me one more chance girl to show you What you mean to me

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