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Versuri DANGER

Had wild dreams Walkin' the streets Hell, we were young Never looked back So we took our dreams Ran like hell Lived our youth From the wishing well Me and the boys Made a pact To live or die No turning back Scarred for life All my best friends died I lost my mind It made me hate I can't escape, I can't escape (Pre-Chorus) I'm a wildcat A shotgun blast Madman Strong as steel Overkill No more deals (Chorus) Danger You're in danger When the boys are around Danger You're in danger And this is my town This is Hollywood I was blind One step from the edge Spin round and round Out of my head Lost in my gin From riches to sin Loose again I've escaped I've escaped (Pre-Chorus) Tatooed lies Distant eyes Hollywood It's been ten long years Tears and fears (Chorus)(Solo)(Pre-Chorus)(Chorus)

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