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I've been an alley cat, I lived nine lives I'm like a fine wine, I'm better with time Like a diamondback rattlesnake I have the rattle if it had the shake (Pre-Chorus) Until you, gimme something to believe in Until you, gimme something to sink my teeth into (Chorus) Now when the winds cry Angela Angela, I'll be there for you And when the storms scream Angela Angela, I'll be there I've been a poet always tongue in cheek I've seen some scenes man you'd never believe And like a supercharged rocket ride You know they'd have gasoline if they had the time (Pre-Chorus)(Chorus) Oh, Angela Oh, Angela When the winds cry Angela Save me--I'm a suck soul sucker in this whiskey ghost town Get me in your saddle and ride me into the ground Oh, Angela Oh, Angela Now when the winds cry Angela Baby, baby I'll be there

ANGELA cuvintele mp3 versurile muzica straina versuri versuri asculta asculta ultima melodie. Mp3 album descarca Motley Crue.

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