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My crew (4X) [Cheeks] Yo yo now now now now When I wake up before I gather up my pens I shine up my fronts I give a Dutch for all my mens throw on some Marvin Gaye I smoke my weed and clean my kitchen dishes Tec to the sky see how mom's is always bitchin' I'm done buffin' got my cheese my pen & paper it's time for me here to prepare my caper I written it down the line & now a ring is on my phone it's my nigga Spigg Nice he tellin' me he in the zone Yo I got the liquor the grain fool let's make a tape I'm caught up in my own zone can't really escape I ran it down the line as Easy Mo played the song He checked my five he said to me yo later on about an hour passes about my loosey deuce deuce & my tinted glasses I got the bike that I copped from my younger cousin cause that cat is up in class like a nickel & he wasn't I'm concentratin' on these moves that I'ma soon be makin' and once I break then I'ma show my peeps that I'm not fakin' See my man Pop or Die from the block niggas wearin' ? reverse as we handle barred it to the block See certain situations happen when you caught up in the 'hood in the game of rappin' You see scrappin' now leads to cappin' we used to have each other's back what the fuck happened? Stupid Yo fuck it Anyway Mary ?Easter? record store walked to the back now let me get a four Exit from the spot everybody know what's hot you get yours on & soon as you see 'em the thieves turn the block Jump on them right now when niggas chillin' if you ever sported it you know how I'm feelin' Cracked open my St. Ides took a squig as Mama Blackwell whispered You got it this time He represents my Crew You represent my Crew We represent my Crew Represent your Crew He represents my Crew You represent my Crew We represent my Crew Yo represent yours Crew [A+] Which one of y'all think you ill enough to bust A+ get crushed by the stampede of the elephant tusks We LB families niggas don't understand us lyrical scanner diagnosin' niggas with cancer you got a problem I got the answer Twin Glocks goin' bananas buckin' innocent bystanders son the total sum is a mathmatical function I used to get suspended for keepin' the class jumpin' Had the blackboard with the chalk in my hand Mr. Cheeks snatched the thieves off the Canibus plan watched the crowd get amped while they scream & chant it's ill hot they can't keep still like a fire drill We desire mils from 97 until firin' high caliber steel on this battlefield Son, Long Isle's my Crew Campstead is my Crew Parkside is my Crew Lost Boyz is my Crew Group Home is my Crew Everyone is my Crew Reebok's my Crew It's worldwide my Crew [Canibus] Strictly out for the fortune & fame I entertain for my personal gain rock the gold chains big enough to cause neck pains Canibus is my name I be the last one to set it You could find my name in the Lost Boyz album credits if you open up & look at the cover you'll see Cop killin' Queens in this mothafucker and we all represent the Group Home click L-O-S-T B-O-Y-Z for the 96 and as the clock ticks record sales climb I remember when them niggas first got signed fuckin' with Uptown bustin' they ass e'ryday from Lifestyles to Jeeps to Renee Now they gettin' mad airplay all over New York top ten on ya Soundscan report Yo who woulda thought these four nappy headed niggas woulda got a article in Billboard For hard work produces results and I'ma keep rockin' 'til the day somebody stops my pulse so yo tally up it's the Lost Boyz Crew Mr. Cheeks, Taliek, Spigg Nice, & Pretty Lou My Crew Yeah, East Coast myyy Crew West Coast myyy Crew The whole World myyy Crew Group Home myyy Crew Lost Boyz myyyy Crew Lost Boyz myyyy Crew Lost Boyz myyyy Crew L-O-S-T B-O-Y-Z myyy Crew ahhhh (my crew) Yo for the 97 AFRICA, JAMAICA, ALASKA, AFRICA I smoke trees with my... Yo 'cause I beez with my...

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