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Baby girl, I salute I salute you For always bein' truthful It may sound lame but I truly adore you And listen I will always go out for you There's nothin' in the world a cat won't do To show that his love is true for you We'll take walks through the park at night Spread love in the dark that's right Once I had mad women on my list On the real none ever made me feel like this I wasn't frontin' when I said that I want you Even though it took some time to confront you We at home in the zone elaboratin' I'm lovin' you, you lovin' me we be marinatin' As long as we keep it tight and build this communication We'll build a stronger foundation chorus: (Sam Jones: I feel your love, it's so love . . .) I ain't afraid to go where some niggas won't (Sam Jones: I feel your love, it's so love . . .) We ain't afraid to do what some niggas won't Put you through hard times but you still stay by my side I provide anything that you want and need But you don't mess with my liquor nor weed Word to moms we could travel this world See youse my wife no longer my girl See people mad at the thing we got Cause we come through the spot lookin' hot, why not Is it a crime at times when I nag you I know shiesty cats that wanna bag you It's all good in my hood I did it too What the hell this cat think he can do for you That I don't, haven't already done I used to deal with wicked chicks I found a steady one As long as we keep it tight, build this communication We'll build a stronger foundation (chorus) I know you've had your flashbacks of what we been through But it's a whole different story when I mean you Make it down to respect and protect you And if any men disrespect you Been through downs and ups, ups and downs I wrote this here from the gut, how that sound I lay it down while my man Chuck sings to you impressions I bring to you glamourous life only for the wife So others never give it baby livin' trife Cherishin' all the moments that's excitin' It's probably all of that cause I live fightin' If you feelin' bored get your thing on If I really didn't know you why'd I ring on As long as we keep it tight and build this communication We'll build a stronger foundation (chorus, repeat until end)

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