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Versuri Risin To The Top (No Stoppin Us)

[Mr. Cheeks] You know the lifestyle, plain and simple, out to get it It's ghetto game us niggas play no doubt we stay commited And capable to bring the hot shit, no matter what And where we aim, we do our thing to bring the fatter cut See my succession based on strugglin and hard times And boulevard dimes been with boulevard crimes It kept me on my feet, and cuz these playa haters hate us Off and on and on the court, because we make threes and twos You bound to dues, once she fuck around with raw shit No bullshittin still hittin you with more shit My yellowness don't mean a nigga when I broadcast Yo you don't want my skills to get in your ass I've seen alot come and go but I'mma stay here I get my heat up in the street cuz they don't play fair I'm tryin to keep it level headed but it's really hard When niggas tryin to take what I be gettin, feel me god? Chorus 2X LB Fam bring the shit that's hot Besides that we risin to the top There's no way to stoppin us [Mr. Cheeks] Time to make cakes, no time for the bullshit Watch how a nigga pull shit From underneath the spleef, black bandana, Yankee fitted For those that wanna nigga, come and get it A rap skills official, bring my ghetto mix to any session Straight finessin tracks, no question Gotta feel good, risin to the top, started from the bottom Like revenge, gettin niggas when you spot em Got my shit ready, niggas gettin gased like Getty It's time to send a message hold em steady Chicks and niggas get the meanin My chain and my ring gleamin Only hot rocks a nigga steamin Yo it's LB to the death throw em up Pass the weed, more liquor in my cup Bottom line, we gonna shine, cuz the year '99 You goes for yours, I go for mine Chorus 2X [Mr. Hezekiah] I wanna know, do you understand, about the LB Fam About the LB Fam We about to put our foot up in To put our foot up in your ass!! [Mr. Cheeks] Hennecy, done moneys on the table Should make you kill a man, I'm willin and I'm able I stay with hot whips, hot jewels and hot chicks Which nigga said he need a ring, a cousin got nicks But on the low we got the twenty sacks and hydro Increase my pay from the way that I flow Aiyo my chicks and my niggas know how I go Late night creepin plus we keepin eyes low Aiyo again, it's in between the lap, I kick the rap On the highway, bouncin if it's Friday My g sleen back, represent the backstreets Besides that, we got the tight rap and phat beats Aiyo my man Sexxx, plug me in it's on again Head south, reach Cali right it's on again It's LB Fam, understand, right or wrong my friend? We gotta keep it strong, don't know when it's all or end It's all or end yo Chorus 2X

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