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Versuri Me And My Crazy World

Verse One: Now I'm in love with these two chicks I don't know which one to pick My feelings for them both are getting thick Now am I wrong cause I don't want to lose none of them Am I confused cause I don't want to chose one of them It's no doubt I think about my honeys everyday It's no question I show my honeys love in every way Possible I once took my shorty to the hospital She cut that hand on glass plus i love that ass Short and sexy lips always wet see I go downtown cause it's fresh plus she lets me Rub it the right way like Johnny Gill would say I'm glad you feel that way sometimes we just chill and lay In the sack I rub her back when we're resting It was love at first sight my confession She know who she is can't say her name Cause if I do I wont be true to my game Word up Chorus: I can't escape this life that I'm living I'm in the mix I'm in love with two women That's word to moms I got two honeys on my arms and I dont want to let none of them go Yo I can't escape this life that I'm living I'm in the mix I'm in love with two women That's word to moms I got two honeys on my arms and I dont want to let none of them go Second Verse: Now, my next one she lives out of state I mean the sex and conversation situation is great Everytime I hit town we make a date And when it's time to chill my shorty cant wait Now I can still remember when we first met eachother Exchanged numbers promised we wont forget eachother Goes to work and school That's cool No doubt that's why a nigga went that route No form foot locker Shorty lookin proper She's out to get me can't stop her Know I had a lover Yo still went for her Even copped a bed and kicks on the strength of her Yo chatted talkin bout see you later From that moment on I knew that I had to date her Couldn't conversate long Shorty had to go back to work Something inside said that will work Chorus Verse Three: I thought I couldn't live with chicks cause they be to demanding Especially the ones that's never understanding Like Who was that? Where you goin? Who you out with? Them same niggas I make moves and I shout with Don't let these niggas in the street get your head up Like they can do better than me Plus I'm fed up I had to tell my main chick that one time Thinkin to me short She thought that I'm Some clown nigga she can scream on and talk to I had to run her down the line this aint no walk through Now who the fuck you think you talkin to chick Your complaining's makin me sick Understand man I tried to do my thing Yo understand I played the puppet on the string Like I say everyday I be there fo rmy friend Good things always come to an end So yo Chorus Verse Four: See the moral of this is that I really do care But I'm not afraid to go there Very unselfish and yes I do share You could have your bitch but you gets nowhere Word She began by saying try after try It's a done deal Now I'm singing byebye All I tried to do was keep you satisfied Never dealing with no others I try To many threats kid Got to let her go Always in your corner Got to let her know As I grab my coat and painfully walked out Hands about to give We talked out I'm feeling pain as it come to an end I said to shorty I will always be your friend Now if you ever need me I will be right there I aint going nowhere For real Chorus

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