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Summer, summer, summer time Summer, summer, summer time Summer, summer, summer time [Mr. Cheeks] Well listen Summer time in the city Now niggas ride around town, for another sounds, look before the smithy And even on ball courts, you got the shorties watchin fellas Doin anythings on they baggy shorts And kids is having fun in the park But there's a limit, moms says you best to be home before dark Now we all know the flavor, were back on the black moms Chattin with the next door neighbour sayin Hi The folks that don't ride Her hands on the floor head cuz the sun keeps gettin in the rock Little kids in sweaty suits, with niggas like Lost Boyz Strictly t-shirts or the boots Standin on the van with, I'm wavin at chicks Takin food from the vooda, and sips from the Mystics Lex, coups, beemers and benz Niggas hangin with they man makin hits We bouncin in the city Chorus: 4X Summer, summer, summer time (summer time in the city) [Mr. Cheeks] In every borough there's a crew Of niggas smokin blunts and drinkin brew Cuz that's the way that us niggas do With Newports in the ear, playin concrete sports And shorties walk around in daisy dukes shorts, bounce The would be throwin jams in the park When the buddha is sparked, they get together after dark GG and G tapes are bangin, it's strictly Spigg Nice And that hat black, when me and my niggas are sayin I'm given beats to my peeps when I pass through In 89, cuz them shorties smoke grass too To make a avenue, somethin in god rule 40 be, that is lee, agent I too And to my peoples on the rock 132142, yeah that's the rock See Queens niggas do they thing Champagne and rings don't hold shit, bang real niggas hang in the city Chorus 4X [Mr. Cheeks] It's about 98 degrees, everybodies gettin cheese And a downy in my round, spit is walk around in dungaries When new burgers got a lot around the corner See a shorty and you want, now you best to push up on her, right? I lay my act, slick sleen back, 40 ounce down south Bounce bounce like that Smokin charm as we creep thru the streets Lost Boyz, they bites and they eat meats They blues, no socks, short skirts, t-shirts, red Reebok Shorty bouncin with friends 3 piece, bbs, cloned out on the Benz I wanna hit in the car, how them skins feel Shorty with the ribbon in the windshield So one two, this is how we do Summer time, Lost Boyz comin thru in the city Chorus 4X

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