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[Verse 1] I'm in this slight situation I'm at this chick's crib uptown niggas try to come through and lock you down it seems like a setup now niggas try to run me from the door half a second of gun play then I made my detour a shot through the glass at the balcony how could she set me up like that I call my balance and shot back I'm jettin down the fire escape outside it's rainin I'm takin five steps at a time and the meat is gainin on me my niggas try to warn me with my steppin it's good though cause on the low a nigga had his weapon I'm jettin down this dead end real I hit the street I got no jacket on my back but I got Timbs on my feet play my life with a fortune back against the wall I'm lookin for my enemies I'm searchin for them all no bullets bein fired so now a nigga's jettin to the corner that's where a nigga's settin I put away my burner now I'm searchin for the train the only motherfucker with no coat I'm in the rain as deep walkers walkin I gotta play it cool even though this thermal that I wore covered up my tool

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