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Sing of the week shit they beat us on the radio Live as stereo so once again here we go To all my real cats who love to hear the real rappin I still understand the reason that you feel that Yo, I'm a crook like Donald One Shit sat up like coins listen everyone joins in the session Know when I'm about to teach a lesson In love when micronesses starts remising Listen, raps of the hook as Elves run take it like a man kid it's our turn Shout out to all my peeps getting green like they suppose to Yo from the fam understand, yo we don'ts do Love the way of goin down baby No doubt these bitches weak arse on the style Until the day I'm up an gone I'm gonna get it on An' let me warn all your foes you gettin shitted on From day one we had hot mix Yo I thought you cats could chill shit I got this Inner smile, time to take respect first semester cats Keep it come through an' get some extra arse Plug me in I see you wanna be down but you don't hit the liss You could either give that or you can get with this Man I promise just to hit you with officialis An' all I ask is you don't get me nor my pistol clips So recognise the guns blast for the love of that Are yo good for me pull my blast I'm a see that arse Until then I'm a rhyme kid and still shine But when I spot him I'm a get him doubt him bottom line That future rap, yo I'm crap cause I play the streets An the way yo niggas live that's what I say the beast Keep the cheddar in my pockets ain't no bubbly An when it trouble me, honey make it a double G Helby fam represent New York City Hang on the siss, an we get criss pretty All my keys throw your L's up, you know it's on I'm a keep this here strong until the flow is gone Plug me in Let me get a mic a checker, one, two now I came through this show these niggas how we do now Cadillacs be seated an we gettin weeded As long as I've been in this game I have been indefeated You can't fuck around my shit is at a puntin radies Top or not still hot ain't nuthin changed All these are G subs in uniform You violate the fanzine now you'll be gone Out the flame y'all you now how a nigga came An' by the time I'm at the door you know a nigga name Mr. Cheeks MC, did you get it yank it Wish an' rest I got some guess up in my naughty sweats Love the Benadet, elves we throw Sue Wynette We hate enough to get in they well, fill your stretch Get, an' meanwhile while you be talkin that same shit You whoop a nickel this game kid Plug me in

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