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Verse 1 But I'm sayin kid it's only right to represent where I'm from East Coast bottom line, But I represent wherever I go (what) I'll be on the West Coast we be gettin high with the fellas who puff on the lie for Lu-Lu,Sig, and Tai everyday you know how we do (woo) brothers tryin to wreck the crew we be havin mad fun Niggas known me from day one lifestyles of the rich and shameless Violat'in they were even nameless Verse 2 Yo Raff, ring the alarm I know Spig's got my back Freaky Tai spark the charm give a 1,2 for my man Pretty Lu As i bless the rest of my New York City Boo as we continue to bring you the flav represent'in L.B. from the cradle to the grave now hows that, one time for your mind but when I write down the line I give sight to the blind, I'm Comin thru with the click Whattcha gonna do when shit gets thick gonna start your runnin and hidin is you gonna start your slippin and slidin man I thought you had this game in a snag How do it feel with real niggas in your ass Listen Mr. Cheeks, Freaky Tai Pretty Pretty Lu, Spiggy Spig Nice Say Chorus- 1 for the money 2 for the Lie 3 for my peoples in the struggle gettin by 4 Lu, Spig Nice, and Freaky Tai Music Makes Me High 1 for the money 2 for the Lie 3 for my peoples in the struggle gettin by 4 my Fam Lu, Spig Nice, and Freaky Tai Musi Makes Me High Verse 3 Mr. Sex hit me off with this drug called a track Plug me in give me a sign to react on whoever, comes in my path make'em feel the wrath (Yeah,Yeah) Are there, any Volunteers down to lose their careers Yo we feels no fears Legal drug thugs comin thru that's the deal Beyond 95 L.B. Fam keep it real It's hard as cleats walkin on the fuckin strrets Po-nine walks beats and beats my wife Cheeks So I gots to tally up and get it on get it on, word is born, shit is on, shit is on I must represent for my fam real niggas get rich and Bitch niggas scram till the day that I die it's L.B. from the year 95 and true 'G's Chorus (2x) Verse 4 To all of my, all my niggas doin Bids To all of my shorties on their own raisin Kids To all of my peoples who can't see that we made it niggas know the deal on the real this is rated Hit it to the left who's the first one to get it to your mind and state of shock when I hit it run up on niggas who be frontin and scamming Hey Yo that's word to mine Get that Guy's for my Fam Nobody wants in and nobody wants out Smokin Trees, gettin 'G's that's what we's all about try to put it on for the year 9 pound I represent my town show'em how I gets down L-O-S-T to the B-O-Y-Z Style flows on thru four families I'm gonna stay free till the day that I die Go with Pretty Lu, Spig Nice, and Freaky Tai (word up) Chorus(2x) Verse 5 (Over Female vocals) Hey Yo, gettin high New York is high East Coast you get high West Coast you get high now my man named Sex he be high Charles too he be high to my man Big Tiz he be high Niggas on the lockdown be high (Freaky Tai) With niggas like this Sweatin up in the studio So High, Mr. Mr. Cheeks is high Four is high L-O-S-T-B-O-Y-Z High Niggas best even try Gods Day, Die versurile Music Makes Me High ultima melodie. Cuvinte muzica straina versuri cantece cuvintele versuri Lost Boyz melodia cuvinte descarca.

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