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They told him not to wander They told him not to stray Listen to the warnings Never lose the light of day There's danger in the darkness And death's not what they say Thunderclouds are rolling in Trouble's on the way (Pre-Chorus) But you can feel excitement in your veins No holding back till you stake you claim (Chorus) Surprise, disguise, better run now you realize The kiss, abyss, knowing that you can't resist The thrill, the kill, and you know that it's over With a look in her eyes An ocean of temptation With every drop of wine Shadows meeting face to face The tentacles entwine One look from the jezebel Phony valentine Now you see the wanderer Frozen in the corridors of time (Pre-Chorus)(Chorus)(Chorus) With a look in her eyes (repeat)

Descarca cuvinte versuri muzica LOOK IN HER EYES album muzica straina asculta cantece versurile versuri. Mp3 Motley Crue album asculta cantece.

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