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They're cooking up a storm In Hell's Kitchen tonight And the main course could be you Or try your hand at an Eastside stand Dashin', slashes, in a crazy human zoo The girls shine like diamonds In the cold steel of the night With cash in hand you'd better understand If you want it you can get it any day or night (Pre-Chorus) So if you turn around And tell me to go to hell I'd say I know that place to well (Chorus) Where living is a luxury There's a bad moon rising in the underground Living is a luxury Another drive-by nightmare In this lonely town When your blood runs cold And your soul's on ice Gotta run from the shadows Of the night The secrets told with the back alley show It's a cold sweat, loose bet Skin tight Sloe gin is a fast-pace sin In this hell below your feet A blue sky day seems so Far away, with another chalk Mark on this crazy street (Pre-Chorus) And if you close your eyes to see You better take a look at me Ya (Chorus)

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