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Versuri Hollywood Ending

Did you want it this way Breaking us down a little at a time Is it easier now that I'm not around Is it time to draw the line Well, we don't have to pretend That it's a Hollywood ending Leave it to me To act like a fool begging you to come back When I had you I had everything And now all I have is this photograph There's nothing here to defend it's not a Hollywood ending You don't have to go No, you don't have to go You could've been the star of My show anytime No, you don't have to go The trouble with you The trouble with me We ain't meant to be Well, we don't have to pretend That it's a Hollywood ending Another Hollywood ending it's not as bad as it seems A Hollywood ending it's hard to give up your dreams Another Hollywood ending All that glitters will fade A Hollywood ending Just like the promise you made Another Hollywood ending Did you want it this way

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