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I got something to say, man, you dig? I mean, you cats been up there rappin ain't said nothin about the real thing, you know what I mean? I got something to say, man Lord Finesse is the brother who's talking And this is somethin funky to pump in your walkman So watch me, troop, and pay attention as I get down Get funky and kick some real shit now The rap professional, so intellectual Go against me and I'll get the best of you Cause gettin funky is no coincidence Finesse can flow to any musical instrument But I'm better for, my skill's the metaphor I can get loose and flow like a reservoir Or the Nile river, maybe the Amazon I'm the brother that you should have the cameras on I'm not the type to go out the way others do Finesse fall off? You must be on a drug or two Cause MC's try they best to flow and catch the L-o-r-d F-i-n-e-double s-e I'ma get raw and score, then I'm outta here This is like a classroom, any volunteers? Yeah, I thought so, you better stay frozen I can kick a tune like my man Beethoven I got strategy, none is as bad as me I'm the funky brother that many are glad to see On a platform, stage, or in public Lord Finesse is gettin funky on the subject Here I come A slick brother with a fade and a half-moon (Repeat 2x) Now watch the pro as I perform and rock the show Do with ease what others find impossible Cause I'm so damn fly, so just stand by In a fight I beat rappers by a landslide Cause I hit hard, make em run and discharge Best believe Finesse is gonna get large And swifter, fresher, better than ever Yeah, etcetera, etcetera I'm filled with action cause I'm so spectacular Yet I flow smooth like a Benz or a Acura A man of skill and high fidelity I'm a funky brother, so what is you telling me? Many rappers step on a stage like it's a star search To be funky it takes crazy hard work They try to flip and skip to the wack sound But I play the stage while others play the background And since I rhyme quick many get crushed fast I sport a fade, half moon, and now a moustache I'm ready, set to step And come correct, in full effect Yeah, I'm makin things funky Here I come A slick brother with a fade and a half-moon (Repeat 4x) Now I rock the hip-hop to reach the tip-top So see and believe as I proceed to rip shop Rhymes are handmade, smooth like mayonnaise Cut you up so bad you need more than a band aid Make MC's forfeit, think they lost it Get over-exhausted, I rock the raw shit Bust it, peep it, rhymes are top secret Me gettin swift on the mic, that's done frequent I tell MC's to get lost when I get pissed off You think I'm wack? Well, you got to think criss-crossed Will and able, far from a fable MC's I disable, make em stand stable I burn and weld you, beat and expel you I'm out to tell you, I put you on Bellevue Hospital, now I did the impossible I'm Lord Finesse cause I'm so remarkable I'm so bad, I make MC's go mad They can't deal with my style of vocab I'll rip and bust that, make MC's hushed at And when I'm finished y'all will say Yo, who was that brother? Cause I'm a bad motherfucker Rhymes so swift, parallel to no other I'm the Funky Technician kicking a fresh rhyme Lord Finesse sayin peace till the next time Here I come A slick brother with a fade and a half-moon (Repeat til fade) album muzica muzica cuvinte versuri. Piesa piesa asculta melodia muzica straina Here I Come Lord Finesse versuri versurile.

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