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This is stricly for the ladies, no ifs ands or maybes We can chill together but hold on the babies Let's have fun with this, I stand thunderous Any girl I get I work wonders with Most try to step to me and then get upset with me Cause I read them up and down like mental telepathy Now, I settle down but not necessarily With a girl who wants me for a Cherokee Or other things that I have in the background When I cut 'em off they go (Oh it's like that now?) Yeah whatever, get yourself together Cause ain't nothing change with Finesse but the weather Trying to go all out baby? You'd better sidestep You're on some new stuff that I ain't even tried yet You might think I'm insane or crazy Yeah, I know, this is strictly for the ladies Now girls step up to this - Cut and scratched 2x Now I give a girl more than she's asking for I take them 18 and up, and that's for sure So when you're done or you're bored with your stupid zero Contact me and I'll save you like a super hero Please your needs and get all close to you And do you right like a man is supposed to do Knock your boots until I begin to sprout Give you something to brag to your friends about After a date I'm the type to get pissed When y'all girls want to front on a kiss I let 'em know I'm not slow or work late Y'all front the role (I don't kiss on the first date) Baby please, don't give me that feedback Straight up and down, you expect me to believe that? I'll take a kiss or a peck with a tight hug I'm not the type to go out like a lightbulb Or get crazy or go insane or get fed up I'll get smooth and fuck your whole head up Get you open so I could get in, you see The next day I might lose my memory (Finesse, remember last night's action?) I don't know nothing and ain't nothing happened (But last night you was kissing and hugging me!) Sorry to disappoint you, but it wasn't me Now she's embarassed, astounded, and hurting The fly girl a whole different person So see, how I dissed her and played her Just to get the odds in my favor You may think I'm out of hand or crazy Yeah, that's why, this is strictly for the ladies Now girls step up to this - Cut and scratched 4x Now I'm fast, quick, legit cause I'm slick Look for a girl, which one will I pick? Rhyming, writing, I'm exciting I like the girls that are short and light-skinned Or dark and lovely, short not chubby Keep your distance if you are ugly I'm esquisite, pay me a visit Tell me your name, don't front on your digits I'm calm, cooler, I'm the rap ruler Don't mess with the girls that mess with the rulers Keep intact, stay off the crack Now if you have a fight then I got your back Mean, strict, don't yell or riff Don't play too hot to trot or hard to get Don't drink beer but soda, I like Coca-Cola I take my girls 18 and older Not the ones that are younger, they be acting dumber They're always fonting on their phone number Now I'm 19, before I was 18 I'm not faking, I'm just stating That I'm greater, I'm a creator If you are ugly then I'll check you later But if you are bigger, got a nice figure Contact me if you don't have a nigga I'll be waiting, conversating Rhyming on the mic like this is frustrating But I can rap longer because I'm stronger I'm no kid that plays with Transformers I'm not sloppy, I don't get snotty Rhyming on the mic like this is my hobby I don't get wacker, I get better See a fly girl in the crowd, go get her And I'll be rhyming and not flaking And that girl will be mine for the taking I'm no theif and I'm no meanace But I'm gonna say something before I'm finished Now y'all may not like the rhymes that I'm sporting But practice safe sex cause that's important These are the things that a real brother might say Protect yourself and do things the right way Like that y'all, bust a rap y'all Now before you have sex wear a hat y'all Here we go now, and that's the end of it Yo, do these things so you can benefit Now I'm getting loose with the skills God gave me Dedicating stuff like this strictly to the ladies Now girls step up to this - Cut and scratched 4x

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