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[Lord Finesse #1] Yeah, what's up Finesse? [Lord Finesse #2] Aw yeah! What's up, money? [LF1] Just tripping on how girls used to be flipping last year [LF2] That's understandable [LF1] Then I came out with the record, making a little papes [LF2] So what be going on? [LF1] So you always got girls saying Finesse, remember last night's action? You know what I tell them? I tell them to... Save that shit! (Repeat 7x) This is for the females that think I'm not the same Y'all think I'm different because I got a little fame I remember y'all laughed and teased me I wanted to make records, no one would believe me I admit it was hard from the beginning I used to strike out with the women You know the females that be fronting and jiving Don't wanna see a brother until you're paid and striving You know the fly girls, the bad looking hotties The ones that think they too good for everybody Girls used to leave me and go because I had no dough to show Now I'm paid, told you so Now fly you see, some girls be eyeing me Hoes who used to diss me want to all say hi to me Now I'm straight, making crazy papes So they all be asking When we singing on a date? This is not welfare, you gets no help here So keep walking and take your ass elsewhere I remember you dissed me a year back (I was only playing) I'm not trying to hear that Always fronting playing hard to get (Finesse, I'm yours) Don't give me that shit Save that shit! (Repeat 7x) I knew another girl who used to walk all proud Could never say hi, she had her head in the clouds I used to see her every day out the week She was mute cause the hoe would never speak Didn't know things like Excuse me or Thank you Sporting crazy jewels with extentions to her ankles She wanted me to treat her like she was a damn star Always fronting, driving her man's car It was all about her, 24-7 Driving around calling everybody Kevin She had good neck and kept all the girls panicking Playing in town showing off like a mannequin Brown sugar complexion, fine-looking figure Always winking and smiling just to fuck with a nigga I asked her what's up, she fronted and fessed Playing like she's too good for Finesse She acted like she was all that on her high horse She used to diss me, roll her windows up and drive off Word up, she was known for acting stuck up Now I'm paid, she fell off, that's fucked up I remember how she put me through hell Her man's in jail, she crashed his car, oh well Look who's the star of the picture now Things are opposite, or should I say switched around? (Do you call her?) There's no need to Se be calling me saying When can I see you? I guess she don't remember how she treated me rotten Talking and laughing like everything's forgotten She used to be teasing, now she's hawking (Finesse why you fronting?) Look who's talking! You used to diss my crew, said I looked pitiful (Come on Finesse, you know I want to get with you) Save that shit! (Repeat 7x) I met another girl, the fly side of them all, G Had it going on plus a job on Wall Street Finally met a female I can claim all mine Problem was she never had time When I used to call her she said I'm busy honey Was it that she was busy or I didn't have money? That does it, which one was it? Cause on her free days she used to hang with her cousin And on the weekends she used to like to rollerskate I could never catch her, she always had to motivate Never had time, she went out for self Told me one day I should find somebody else Yeah, she's right, that's what I too figured Come to find out, she cut me off for a new nigga I was hurt, things got hectic But my man put me on and I came out making records Got a little fame in the industry game I seen that hoe again, you know that bullshit changed Running up saying Finesse please listen! Would you believe the hoe? (I'm a born again Christian!) Bullshit! The hoe was trying to hide She lost her man, plus her 9 to 5 Telling me sorry, no hard feelings The girl fell off like cracked paint on the ceiling Nappy extentions, looking all bugged Trying to catch me at all my shows at the clubs Telling her friends Finesse? Sure, he's hype (He used to sweat me) Yeah, sure you're right Her best bet is to chill and stay home Instead of always beeping me from the pay phone Tying up my line, always interrupting me Calling every hour just to say what's up to me Told her about the days when she acted all evil (Finesse I used to like you) Sure, I believe you (For real, can we be lovers to the end?) What about your man? (Come on, he's just a friend) What about your job? (I didn't like it, I quit) Why is you lying? Save that shit! Save that shit! (Repeat 7x)

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