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This is not a classroom, so put your hands down Aww fuck it, let me tell you who I am now Finesse is my nickname, the way that I kick game Girls don't try to figure me out, cause it's a dick thang I kick rhymes, with beats that slam with force I'm so gifted my name should be Santa Claus Cause I flow, in fact I got the better show I'm the baddest motherfucker that you'll ever know I get hype and live on a party tip I kick more ass than the star of a karate flick So just chill, don't even play yourself Grab a seat watch Finesse, behave yourself I school MC's on the R-A-P scoop If you wanna diss me that's OK with me troop I finish the album, I'm still kickin new shit So step to this you'll get snapped like a toothpick And those who think, Finesse is in last place You gets the bozack AND the motherfuckin Gas Face Yeah, keep your distance Bite one rhyme I'll be forced to put a fist in action or motion, cause I've got the potion My frame of mind is deep like the ocean Call me Jaws because I'm eatin yours or call me a star because I go on tours or call me Swift because it ain't no myth A brother got a rift then I'm forced to lift that means kill deceased when a brother got a beef I swell up eyes or I knock out teeth Now you can't beat this or even get with this Watch Mike Smooth spin it back with the quickness * DJ Mike Smooth cuts n scratches * [Lord Finesse] Make way for the brother called Finesse The man with the S on his chest, can't even mess with the player, funky rhyme sayer I make crazy paper, whenever I kick the flavor Attract or I'll rag it, shit gets dramatic Suckers had it, bitches cling like static I'm a brother that people wanna see more MC'sll get rode up and down like a see-saw or played like blackjack as I kick a fat rap Those that're rude or intrude'll get a backslap Cause I get raw, or smooth like Camay Fuckin plan B! I'm gettin over with plan A! I can show and prove why brothers can't last with me .. as soon as the mic gets passed to me Y'all need to chill, cause y'all over the hill MC's that can't deal need to leave the field .. and head for the back door Cause if it wasn't a Lord Finesse, then who would you clap for? Don't let your friends soup you up and gas you Cause I fuck you up, and kick your crew ass too I stand superior, from here to Siberia That's why when I'm around, brothers leave the area I'm the type to wreck a show, scoop then sex a hoe Then I cool the fuck out like a eskimo So hold on, better yet you better hang on Shit, I break a motherfucker like a crayon Punks who don't know, you know I'm gonna school em They touch my mic, they got a ass-whippin comin to em Cause I get raw off a bass drum I make strong moves but shit, I never fake none The smooth celebrity, none is ahead of me You say you're sorry, well you damn well better be I get raw, I'm not the type to slip and fall when I get up and perform my shit for y'all I'm not havin it, I wish a nigga would answer me I flip faster than a brother on a trampoline Set it off real quick, drop the crazy ill shit So stop sweatin me, get off the dilznick I'm waitin for those, who wanna flip Cause this ain't as funky as I'm gonna get On a fast tip, I still drop the mad shit Come one come all, step up, you'll get your ass whipped When it comes to skills I'm all that plus more Throw your hands in the air, and praise the Lord * DJ Mike Smooth cuts n scratches *

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