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(Bad mutha) [VERSE 1] Turn up the radio, better yet the phonograph And I'ma school the suckers who don't know the half I'm not a legend, I'm real and actual Bite my rhymes, I get mad and come after you I don't front or pretend cause that's imaginary I get funky with the use of vocabulary I'm more deadlier than a bottle of cyanide When I dig in my brain and say a fly rhyme I might bust and say a little somethin Get the party pumpin, yo, that ain't nothin So don't bore me, I've been naughty Even as a kid people said: Look at shorty Back in the days I had much attention Speak of competition - man, listen Even then I've coulda been a funky star At the age of 12 I was rhymin on them monkey bars A little kid with the art of poetry Nice for my age, but nobody noticed me Nowadays I tell it like it is That makes my skill different from her or his I sport my skills on a F.M. frequency Lettin people know you better not sleep on me I'm known as a smooth cool brother A funky technician, call me a (bad mutha) [VERSE 2] I play MC's like a game of Mario Brothers I hold my own, plus I can carry another's Rhymes I make strong and watch em take form On a sucker who steps out his face wrong I'm the MC to fear and run from Shockin so much you think I'm usin a stun gun I hold the title cause I'm the cool champ If rap was money you'd be rated as food stamp You try to boast and toast, you go by what name? You can't get with Finesse, you're just jump change You couldn't cut it even if you had a hack-saw You're just a rap that I laid a track for Cause records get mixed up, foes get ripped up If a mic was a freak, I'd get my tip sucked So girls, don't sleep, don't even doze off I'm good with a mic, plus I'm good with my clothes off And I'm no joke, far from a slow poke I school the young bucks, plus school the old folks I got stamina, lyrical examiner Moppin, sweep up rappers just like a janitor Lord Finesse parallel to no other The smooth lover, and also the (bad mutha) [VERSE 3] At a show I get fly and so legit Gimme a mic onstage and that's all over with On a stage I'm straight up wildin I can kick a party like a brother from the Shaolin Temple, I find it simple I get the ladies cause they sweat my dimples Me take a loss? Not by a long shot Get off the tip cause you jumped on the wrong jock Of the wrong man put up on the wrong scoop You got problems, what you're on, troop? Raise up, I light the whole stage up So wild with the mic, I oughta be caged up I'm a brother you dare not lay a hand on I leave you more bloodier than a tampon If you split, I'ma get you later Rhymes more fresher than a virgin in a frigerator Take caution to what this brother say Come correct or turn around the other way (Bad mutha) is the perfect description Of me rhymin or just plain flippin I'm no joke when it comes around to that I start flippin when I hear the sound of rap I'm enhanced to keep in step with it And surprise MC's cause you slept a bit So wake up, my man cause there's no time for dozin My thoughts are set, and a rhyme has been chosen From my brain which makes me insane To gain some fame, Lord Finesse is the name To seek and blame cause I came and rearranged My style of rap will make suckers wanna leave the game I'm superior compared to others Call me Lord Finesse, better yet make it (bad mutha)

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