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Versuri I Like My Girls With A Boom

(Look at shorty) (She's not my type) Finesse? (Yeah baby?) Oh it's like that now? (Repeat 4x) I like my girls strong and solid Whether they're loyal or have bones in their closet I want one with better sense that keep dead presidents And know what to do when she comes to my residence Whether you're a virgin or the average whore hopper I take 'em all, even females with the door knockers I'm a get mine, let all the men sleep Girls, don't run that shit that beauty's only skin deep Cause I don't want no girl with a Brillo face Or the type that leave jheri curl juice on my pillow case I'm a let you know for girls that need a head start To lose some fat, a few pounds, and some stretch marks I want a female that has a mind on track And still looks good without the makeup or contacts The type that keeps her business a secret And has a body others can't compete with Crazy fine, big behind Work all day, come home, cook, the whole nine A female that's also inclined to rap Make the fellas say (Yo, where did you find her at?) That's the female that the fellas be peeping Hanging with the rest of the girls every weekend Guys want to rap to her, sweat her and run after her She got it going on with a future in back of her Far from chubby, scarred, or ugly I rate her a 10 because damn she looks lovely She got a chest that can elevate any shirt She makes heads move when she's wearing a miniskirt She's full grown, got everything sewn Crazy smart with a mind of her own She stands alone when compared to all the rest That's a girl made strictly for Lord Finesse She looks good and got everything on tune Yeah, I like my girls with a boom (Look at shorty) (She's not my type) Finesse? (Yeah baby?) Oh it's like that now? (Repeat 4x) Come party and hoe with this gigalo soloist Strictly for the ladies and far from a chauvenist I like girls from around the way In tight jeans or miniskirts or some lounge array I need a female with more shape than an S-curl So when the crew see her they go (Yeah, that's Finesse's girl) I like them light skinned, hair color mustard (What about her?) Nah, she looks busted I'm just playing so don't think I'm predictable Cause light skinned or dark skinned I still wanna get with you No need to front whether older or younger I don't discriminate because age is just a number Dating a girl younger than me, that might seem cooler But I'll be damned to go to jail for a preschooler I want a hottie, smart not snotty The one that didn't bring a man to the party Makeup, extentions? That's not necessary I'll take you in whether a maid or a secretary Or a McDonald's worker, or a receptionist Cause I'm a specialist for those that step to this There's so many girls, I don't chase after one hoe Pimping ain't easy but I find it quite fun, though I don't like a girl that be hanging with a slut group I can't sport a female who scores out a buck tooth I need a female I can sport when I'm outdoors I'm not choosy, I got a rep to look out for Like I said before, you have to be into rap (There's a problem) Hey, I can live with that I'm 21, out for fun Ugly girls are okay, but I won't go out with none Cause as soon as I date them or as soon as I get them (Ewwww, who's that girl Finesse got with him?) So you see, I can't just date anyone But for now I just stick to the pretty ones The ones crazy cool, looking all smooth The female that make all the fellas go Oooohh (Finesse is choosy) That's what you all assume Nah, I like my girls with a boom (Look at shorty) (She's not my type) Finesse? (Yeah baby?) Oh it's like that now? (Repeat 4x)

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