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(Speak the peace Then slide like grease) --> Dida (Rock to the beat, get wreck on the regular) --> Grap Lover (That's right) --> Biz Markie [ VERSE 1: Lord Finesse ] I'm real like the Son Of Sam while other are soft like Richie Gun-In-Hand Their styles is outdated like the _Running Man_ A tough vet, I'm the roughneck that drops logic The hefty solid, prophet from the projects The spiritual, the lyrical, individual (No doubt, kid) Yeah, the Lord works miracles I hustle for mine like those pumpin cracks I got thumpin raps that'll have you niggas doin jumpin jacks I come with the fat songs, put me on any platform Watch me get my muthafuckin rap on A top cat that rocks rap >From the part of Boogie Down Bronx where the cabs don't stop at The Asiatic rap fanatic that don't have it My style's tighter than a virgin locked in traffic You get ripped like a cardboard Because you watch gangsta flicks, you write rhymes, don't mean you're hardcore I'm so devine when I flow and rhyme I blow your mind when I go for mine (Come on) Y'all niggas know the time I kick hip-hop in its true form Big up to Fat Joe, congratulations on the newborn [ VERSE 2: Marquee ] Like the Coyote I gets Wile E. And freaks it with the stylee My shit is type ???, so my life be like irie I be the MC that's above and beyond Them all, stand out like Leon, tackle comp like Deion Be on some hip-hop shit, cause the music like hypnotic I can't stop it, oh Lord, so I just drops it Till the slayings leave abrasions, hot like cajun Trails be blazin behind this chinky-eyed non-Asian Female bringin it to ya like e-mail With advanced techniques off these New York streets So hardrocks licks a smooth exotic sister Strong as a bull, while you be slackin like a 76er Yeah, this is my world, the slang sign And out no doubt, Marquee, I do my thing [ VERSE 3: Diamond D ] Now, you say Grenada, and I say Grenada Big up to Greeny Greeen, I meet your black ass later But wait a, minute, cause I'm in it to win it With the freestyle flow I steal the show like John Benett But then it, really wouldn't matter to a nigga You figure you have to sneak up cause I'm bigger Yo jigga, take down the beat just a little Far from brittle, chew a nigga like a skittle But it'll, be a cold day in the Caribean At the Meridian, I swim through girls like an amphibian I'm witty and, versed with the lyrical blessin Never fessin, and keep the chickens second-guessin Known for stressin engineers in my session I flake in one take, and slide like Wesson So learn a lesson, I make the episode brief You seek relief as you pick up your teeth [ VERSE 4: A.G. ] Try to spark this, you'll get torn, cause you never win I'm through, I'll take you, through hell again It's the Goodfellas, first aid kit The Medicine Stay legit cause we're veterans Proceed what I don't achieve Leave up to my seed, teach him that he gotta bleed Don't fall victim to greed That you give is what you're blessed with Find it, put it to use, have faith and don't stress shit Meanwhile I hit the ganja, now watch it kiss my lips Bless it, then pass it, like Magic's top 10 assists It's the cheeba-cheeba, another neighborhood news feature Who can see the, Giant? Not a known creature Or being alive that can see me on this rap vibe High off of hip-hop, can't die, I got cat lives Abuse this, get smuddered is how you'll be discovered Give me 20 years in here with no dough, I still love it It's in my heart, when I bled, it was red Won't stop till I drop dead, or catch some led to my head Some search for bread, loot, cheese, or whatever But instead I stay true, smoke trees and get clever Fall never, Show and A is who we be See why D.I.T.C. will reign forever

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