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Versuri Get Your Hustle On

Chorus 2X: Freaky Tah Microphone cheka one two one two East Coast, West Coast, this is we do Get your hustle on, yeah matter of fact It ain't where you from it's where you at! [Freaky Tah] My names Talik, I bust a new improved shoes Livin freshy '97, it's time to flip Don't let me go, cuz I start to sweat Then I smoke a eleven toke, why did it get? Then I start lemon and top, more to get? Got it now I have, time to wet Up his crib, that's on the block Niggas wild up in silence, they on the block It's me Freaky Tah, I'm lookin at you man My man slide over there yeah he pat you man On you back and he be smilin Niggas they be thinkin they be wildin I roll with my nigga P Double P If you zonin with him, you zonin with me If you peepin at them, then you peepin at me I represent the L-O-S-T to the B-O-Y-Z, now now Chorus 2X [Freaky Tah] Niggas wanna zone out? let me zone in I'mma set it off from the bigga in It's me Freaky Tah, and I set it Niggas be buggin, doodoo brown they sweat it I throw on my hoodies, my villain boots Puttin my team, down with this rap scoop Puttin my fingers in the A&R face Get off my face, yo get in the race Black matter fact, yo this is where it's at This is where it be now, you know me know It's the L-O to the S, T B-O-Y, Z make the def hear by see Ooh, be in the front, back, niggas they be buggin LB Fam attack Now listen to I said it, I said it all good I be buggin up in ya neighborhood Chorus 2X [Freaky Tah] Niggas sayin Lost Boyz ain't nuthin but fakes You got your team and they aint nuthin but snakes Never got shot, never ever caught a case You talk behind my back, but then you smile in my face You a fly cat now, cuz you pushin a beemer Lipe pone eye, you aint nuthin but a schemer What u workin wit? be the fuckin feds Ty-Ty, sue this, two to your head You know the times, you know the deal Front me and let's pack the steel and steal You scared as hell, all I want to do You better get me cuz I'm out to get you One on on, yo that's how I do I'm sneaky Freaky Tah, I'm from the Lost Boyz Crew Now one for the tremble, two for the bass Niggas smilin wylin, get out my face Chorus 2X

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