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Versuri From My Family To Yours (Dedication)

VERSE 1 - Mr. Cheeks this be a message to the ghetto when will this shit stop we lost 2 ill niggaz B.I.G and 2pac this goes to all of us so peep the session from your nigga you can be loved by millions but one clown can pull the trigga see you aim to get bigger they break for your downfall your life is how you living kid just give it your all we strive to be the best that's what they taught us in the rhyme smoking weed and getting bent we've all been through hard times much respect to your hood love is love that's all good the plan's to make you niggaz understand, understood yo here's the deal for real you can't get killed from entertaining but that's all we know cause from the street we got the training CHORUS this be a ghetto dedication from my family to yours how hard is this to explain when it rains kid it pours instead of bringing ?crime ills? and senseless wars you niggaz need to expand, buy land, open stores you talk of revolution but you're very much afraid take that chip off your shoulder let's all get paid direct it to the world because we all need peace we all livin in the belly of the beast VERSE 2 - Mr. Cheeks yo, now many lives are lost still to this day we ask the reason all the suffering we've been through niggaz still is into squeezing mom dukes on welfare ghetto love no more we share you rising to the top but then get hit from the rear one night up in the hood I found my own self thumpin cause niggaz out there they felt that I owed them something talk behind my back they don't attack that don't offend me a 13-year old could just up, and end me if he wanted to, blunted with the brew in his hand now does that make shorty rock the man? not only in your hood but in my hood we lost 2 good fellaz it's more than what they motherfuckers tell us now if a cop got shot someone's caught the same night that's the bullshit you motherfuckin right so take heed to what I say, LB Fam pray in they own way to the motherfuckin day CHORUS VERSE 3 - Queens Most Wanted 2 of the illest rap artists underground bodies slain they both did they thing went platinum in the game at home where I zone there's a TV I watch BET, MTV, video, music box it bugs me out for real I'm in the zone kid that's ill it only goes to show up in the rap game it's real it's just a little something on my mind how I feel now niggaz kick raps, and caps get peeled kid I thought we was rhymin man fuck that actin tough enough is enough let's dead that East and West stuff I'm callin niggaz bluff yo my rap game be tuff let's take it to the stage and let the lyric game buss I'm tryin to live a hundred plus in this crazy world to hold down my fam, Queens, and my baby girl look here we tryin to make it but they tryin to hold us back that's why I'm speakin my opinion on this track the media they tryin to throw dirt in the game but me and my fam we found ways to explain throughout the pain I try to gain and keep the shit the same it's quite strange how these cats keep playin games CHORUS

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