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Look inside the mirror But I don't know who I see Smoke another cigarette A smile holds back the tears These contradictions Seem to be the story of my life A simple man with memories Of those long lost golden days I close my eyes and slowly driftaway Mistakes I've made remind me Of the roads I shouldn't choose Never comes that easy When you've nothing left to lose I can't see the answers Tell me why am I so blind? A tired man who'll make the best Of another lonely day I close my eyes and slowly driftaway Never thought I'd make it Just from playin' my guitar Just a little smile Always shelters me from pain Everytime I start to slide I wish upon a star The sun comes out And dries up all the rain I'm an honest man Who refused the shade On a hot and lonely day I close my eyes and dream my life away Now I know that I can stop the rain Close my eyes and slowly driftaway

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