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Versuri Come To Da Party

[KRS] One, two, three.. [Joe] Come to da party, come to the dance Everyone is fightin So they fired up, up and away Come to da party, come to the dance To pull out the vinyl so they fired up, up and away [KRS-One] Yeah, yeah Hardcore lyric comin at ya they attackin ya Rappers bite like Dracula the soul of hip-hop I'm puttin back in ya, with the South Bronx vernacular Bound to put the crack in your armor, I am much sharper than a lot of other mic rockers, slightly eccentric but everything's authentic, when I said, I'm hip-hop, I meant it Emcees wanna debate the issue, but false though If they studied they would see that they are hip-hop also Hip-Hop you can't do it, you gots to be it You can't confine it, you have to free it, so you can see it as your expression, and learn the lesson, on life in ghetto sections and what you feel is the forward direction for black people, not these Star Wars save that for R2-D2 I got five fingers like Bruce Lee do And with the five fingers I grab microphones and bring the stinger to DJ's, rappers, singers and beer drinkers This MC's a thinker, unlike others but I won't diss yaz You're still my brothers and sisters, Kris is ONE aspect of hip-hop rap Negative rap, positive rap, forget that black it's a trap to set us back, concentrate on various rap talents Presently the rap radio format is unbalanced You either got the player, or the concious rhyme sayer all day, on your radio, not with a different flavor Someone has to DIE before you hear a concious record People don't like gangsta rap, but concious rap, they don't respect it The truth is people are afraid of black youth Our expressions, our lessons and gold teeth, so.. [Joe] Come to da party, come to the dance Everyone is shoutin So they fired up, up and away Come to da party, come to the dance Everyone is singin so they fired up, up and away

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