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Versuri The Movement

[KRS-One] Where the real at! Where the real at! Yeah! [KRS-one] Yo Where I come from gats bust for nothin' Thugs, ministers, cops, teachers, all be hustlin' Your family's the only one ya trustin' Clubs be jumpin', redesigned cars be bumpin' Now there's ranks supreme KRS is a free man In Hip-Hop culture, I'm like Allen Greenspan I tell the culture what's hot and what's not Now look who's on top and look whose shit just dropped We ain't about sellin' records, we ain't music merchants We emcees we go straight to the club and hurt shit [Hook] New York, New Jers', Boston, COME ON! California, D.C., Baltimore, COME ON! Texas, Atlanta, New Orleans, COME ON! Philly to Chicago, Carolinas, COME ON! Memphis to Nashville, Colorado, COME ON! Detroit to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, COME ON! Seattle to Miami, Arizona, COME ON! San Fran', Oakland, Hip-Hop, COME ON! [KRS-One] Down to the spot this is real Hip-Hop Join this movement; them other cats steal a lot You can feel the knowledge of self or feel this glock I'm authentic, KRS I'm really hot Yo, what up Fat Joe that's my nigga for life Remember when Pun fell off the stage, right on my wife In the Bronx, we all laugh about it today What up Freddie Fox, 2 Glocks, Pik and Spay Dr.Dre all day, both of them Dr.Dre with Ed Lover and the one with Eminem This a movement, all over the world we reach I can prove it, all over the world I teach You hear that Dr.King, âI Have A Dreamâ speech a lot But no where is it manifested but in Hip-Hop While them other cats be lookin' for a radio song I'm in Washington Heights, puttin' them Dominicans on You can feel it I'm strong, I last longer lets do it You want the real Hip-Hop well join this movement We ain't about sellin' records, we ain't music merchants We emcees we go to the club and straight hurt shit [Hook] Utah, Minnesota, Mexico, COME ON! V.A., Arkansas, Portland, COME ON! Indiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, COME ON! East St.Louis, Milwaukee man, COME ON! Montreal, Toronto, Canada, COME ON! East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, COME ON! Mid-West, Bible Belt, Up-Top, COME ON! Hip-Hop, COME ON! Hip-Hop, COME ON!

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