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Versuri Uh Oh

Chorus: You ain't that tough ya Choose the right friends You ain't that tough now Don't make your life end You walk around the town like you a big man But you never know now that there's always a bigger man You sling the M-16 and flash the M-1 But you don't know what you're doing never learned to handle one But true! All you friend thinking you a gangster While your mother tried to warn you from certain danger So when you in your room you playing with your Mac-10 Fully loaded automatic, just you and a friend You posing aw dey mirror like you a gangster clown But the Mac-10 go off and you friend go down Uh oh! What you gonna do now? Uh oh! They gonna blame you somehow Uh oh! Tell me what you gonna say Uh oh! Look, they cutting you away Your father telling you Now son just go to school Don't go acting like a fool and don't go acting too cool You get to the school and meet up with the right bunch Just a group of kids with no names taking people lunch You join the click because you wanna meet some girls And you want a little prestige in you little school world One day you're walking with your crew along the road And a member of your crew pull out a gun and unload He shoot a parked car and all you run far You and your friends laughing like you a superstar And you get home and you thinking it was fresh And a cop meet you there with a warrant for your arrest Them ask, Who shot the gut why you walking down the street Didn't you see the little boy there in the back seat sleep? Now the boy dead we want to know from you Who shot the car up, are we gonna take you? Uh oh! Now what you gonna do now? Uh oh! Boy, them gonna blame you Uh oh! Now tell me what you gonna say Uh oh! Look, they cutting you away Chorus White kids! You living in the whitest part of town You are a white kid but you know you hang around So you and your friends thinking that you are all of that When you see a youth walk by and yes the youth is black One kid say Hey, what you doing on the block We don't want no niggers here unless he is a cop So the kid pull out a big baseball bat And them him slap with the bat becasue the kid is black Now then the kid fell down but still alive So he reach in his pants and pull out a four-five Pop! One friend drop and everyone run Out of all the white kids now you the only one You start cry, cause now you gonna die And it's all because what your friends did to this guy Uh oh! What you gonna do now? Uh oh! He gonna blame you somehow Uh oh! What you think you gonna say? Uh oh! Now them cutting you away Check! Repeat Chorus 2x

Ultima melodie asculta Uh Oh versurile muzica. KRS One cuvintele muzica straina melodiei piesa versuri versuri melodiei.

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