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Versuri Wannabemceez

One two, testing one two Alright party people in the place to be The party has already started An-an-an-and it's about to il-il-il-ill *echoes* Let me introduce you to another type of rapper MC where glamour and glitter don't matter gently I'm tired of the Chattanooga empty Classical like a German luger Deep like a tune for scuba diving who am I the hyper Like I said before my radar's going BIBBIT BIBBIT The microphone I grip-it grip-it, lyric lyric I live it Hear it my spirit is where it should be Don't push me if you pussy, HUH I spot em, it seems you want to ride the dillz I got em, KRS got skills in the place I waste megahertz of bass bottom, chill As I rock em and get ill, I build the perfect spot to kill Verbal excitement will lead to your indictment Whether or not you like it, still, number one I hype it Your album, rewrite it How many MC's, wannabemceez Never be MC's, cause they can't MC How many MC's, wannabemceez Never be MC's, cause they can't MC Triplet syllables for minimal criminals Lyrical riddles that got hard flavors in the middle Sit back and chittle as I stand and still rebuild on skills The admission of serial lyrics, calculated to weaken the spirit will be diverted by this lyric when you hear it Ricochet any style any day Any which way and you'll Cherish the Day like Sade The advanced oratorical techniques I speak Keep the heat at full peak! My grammar with stamina, grabs a rapper like the fresh catch of the day and crack the back of that DJ I'm strappin and attackin a pack And whatever happens after that just happens, FACT Flamboyant and flashy is one point in time when you're not ashy Focus on the syllable formats and the cash G G for guard your grill, I'm hard to kill Odd but ill, a job to fill is to refill on skills We built and killed style and skill while poetically recriminate you like a child I will get ill, and switch to earn Cause I prefer to slur but not blur Blurring you're stirring up trouble surely you don't need it be seated I'm undefeated dem not see it Observe me then beat it How many MC's, wannabemceez Never be MC's, cause they can't MC How many MC's, wannabemceez Never be MC's, cause they can't MC Let's get back to the point quickly, get with me The voice from New York City is too witty I come from a era of ?OJ cars?, Latin Quarter fake Gucci and fake Fendi, you can't send me Nowhere, that I ain't been to You can't tell me nuttin that I ain't been through Disrespect the teacher I gots to get you *cause they can't MC* But what you really sayin You sound like a bitch-ass rapper when he's saying Yo Kris you hit too hard stop playing! Switching and swaying Day in and day out, your styles are played out, see you way out Before you're laid out, your bright lights start to fade out The last thing you heard is Who let the K out? ?No great area? Everything is black and white we took the gray out it's scarier Either you're winnin or losin, spinnin the rules of conscience But lyrically there ain't no stoppin I'm droppin a lot in your noggin Cause I know that you're lyrically starvin Carbon, your name, battle battle Everybody wants to battle but you BAB-BLE Who knows ya, battlin me, is the only way that you can gain exposure I feel for ya soldier I hate to say it but I told ya so You know that I know the ancient flow KRS-One is the holder of a boulder yo, money folder yo You want a fresh style let me show you slow your blow, I'm not your foe Battling me? No no no no no no NO! How many MC's, wannabemceez Never be MC's, cause they can't MC How many MC's, wannabemceez Never be MC's, cause they can't MC [Mad Lion] If a DJ think he man den he better prepare for war!! BDP crew get up in that ass like a piece of toilet tissue General Lion I chase them all and I am on fiyah Represent the hardest crew, you know how we do Anything tess, dead! Gun shot to dem head Gwan *echoes*

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