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Intro: Redman Hey baby bring me something to drink in here Sit down and watch a little TV. [KRS-One] (static) Yo they comin'. It's crazy but I know it they comin'. Maybe not lately I feel it coming. I knew it, they comin'. (static) This just in. President (static) I guarentee (static) Jim...Jimmy, Jimmy wake up. Jimmy! (static) Only the Lord can save (static) 5.99 no obligation (static) Let me start to rock this mic (static) Now the polar bear hybernates (static) And and what was going through your mind right now. KRS-1: Look aat these weak MC's getting G's Never wore BVD's or even bellbottom Lees Please, with these fantisies about you selliing keys When you know you bees in front of the TV eatin' grilled cheese On your knees you know my steez Kris is nice with theses M-I-Cs I'm Poison like BBD the plot thickens while I be hitten And lyric lickin', flippin' any mix and over the skippin' And cable clippin', still sickenin' Even though some people ain't admitting Through they system I keeps it kickin' And tippin' the scale I pay tuiton not bail Drink water not ale, MC Hammer hits it right on the nail I can't fail with my 7 stripes Strike one pierces the lung over the drum MC's become dumb Like um? They numb, bite the tongue over the bass drum I am D the MC like Run, spittin' lyrics for fun And for a sum of the bread crumb You missed when you swung, I connected whole hum Another one done underestimated KRS-1, yeah so... Hook: Redman: Say blowe KRS-1: If you really want true skill Redman: Say blowe KRS-1: If you want the hip hop to build Redman:Say blowe KRS-1: We rock it all year round Redman: You better cool the F out before we go up in your mouth KRS-1: It's just beguuuun, to bubble KRS-Onnnne spells trouble On the mic soooon there is no double I emerge from under the rumble Count the truth poetic construction, audio abduction Showbiz production for wack lyric reduction And fly rhyme instruction keep the party hoppin' Keep the DJs buggin' for the orthodox Non Xerox hip hop chatter box It was dope first crack out the box with Scott LaRock How MC's are washed up like sweat socks KRS-1 makes the heads nod Hook Redman: KRS-1 KRS-!: Yes my son Redman: Tweet tweet (x2) KRS-1: You know they can't compete, ain't that right Redman: No doubt. You better cool the F out before we go up in your mouth KRS-1: When it's my turn kid, look at what you done did Like my head is dreadable you edible I kick incredible shit, for my poeple I'm jackin' these like me so sue and Stretch like Bobbito overloops While you sittin' on stoops I'm rockin' mics for U.S. troops in group You screwed up, oops, I can read a true crook Like I can read a good book I'm hooked on hip hop culture Look at the tip top lyrical structure Floatin' like a soap bubble that you don't wann puncture Or rupture, I write what I udder, mother mother mother There's too many of us dying still trying and not doin' Not suceeding still pursueing what you doing? What you doing? What you doing? The session is started departed on schedule I beg you please lookover my lyrical menu What other can't do I can do Enhancing 7 levels of your mental I dismantel stress, you're listening to the advanced lyrical best Worldwide qualified to administer any MC test Stop guessin' class is in full session Now Showbiz show 'em how

Muzica straina KRS One ultima melodie cantece mp3 melodiei. Versuri melodia versuri cuvintele cuvinte cuvintele versurile Blowe.

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