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Versuri Underground

[Chorus] What does it mean to be UNDERGROUND? It means you gotta be free to be UNDERGROUND Yo, you got your own key when you're UNDERGROUND If you're listening to me yo you UNDERGROUND [Verse One] It's time that I open with a thunder sound Now look around your own town for the UNDERGROUND Yo, you rhymin for the TV, or a million CD's? You ain't a MC, you ain't UNDERGROUND You could be platinum or gold, hot or cold But it's the respect you hold that's UNDERGROUND When the critics don't get, that for the streets you spit it When your lyric they fear, that's UNDERGROUND [Chorus] [Verse Two] Yo, white kids, black kids, skinny kids, fat kids Them Asian cats be UNDERGROUND Chicanos, Palestinians, Milanos, fuck the Lone Ranger Where's Tanto? That's UNDERGROUND Freddie Foxxx, Blackalicious, Kweli M.O.P., GangStarr that's UNDERGROUND Mad Lion, Smif-N-Wessun, Buckshot Armageddeon T.S. that's UNDERGROUND, UHH! [Chorus] [Verse Three] Yo, the t'cha returns, I told y'all I went to Cali to learn And that shit was UNDERGROUND If the cops be eyein you, cause survive is what you try to do Yo I'm wit you, you UNDERGROUND If it's justice you want, and you protest the ice they flaunt You want skills that's UNDERGROUND Yo it's not about a rugger rapper, or an actor It's about your subject matter that's UNDERGROUND LOOK! [Chorus] [Verse Four] Chevonne Dean from Ruff Ryders, all the Outsiderz Young Zee, that's UNDERGROUND When all your money's spent, and you're still hangin on to 50 Cent (get it) you UNDERGROUND When you rep the collective consciousness of hip-hop Not hip-pop, you UNDERGROUND Yo it ain't about jewels, bitches and cars It's about Nas, that's UNDERGROUND, yo! [Chorus] [Verse Five] To be underground simply means that you're down for the struggle, get 'em up, that's UNDERGROUND You could be a classy lady or a whore But if you protest the war, for sure, you UNDERGROUND If the government can't see you, or deceive you You love your people, believe you UNDERGROUND If you refuse to play the game, you go against the grain You ridin the train, you UNDERGROUND - get it! [Chorus] [Verse Six] Yo, yo, that blast from the past, like Grandmaster Caz Bam and Flash, that's UNDERGROUND Doug E. Fresh, Lord Finesse, KRS If you listenin to this you UNDERGROUND Turn it up now KRS about to show you how They go wow, BLAOW for the UNDERGROUND Mr. Walt, Evil Dee, KRS, BDP Kenny P, that's UNDERGROUND - do it! [Chorus] [KRS-One] (Alright!) Turn it up ah, turn it up ah Turn it up ah, turn it up ah Turn it up ah, turn it up ah Turn it up if you UNDERGROUND - LISTEN!

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