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So what did I do, to deserve that too Filled with remorse, this time I know I hear you laughing, I will do my thing You live and learn, it serves me right Never say never, cause not it's over I have to take the rough with the smooth Act for me first, it cannot be worst Next time, I'll be narrow minded [Chorus :] You're the one to blame, you put me to shame I know I was taken in You life is a lie, I wish you could cry My pain is never ending To give all I've got, today I forgot Let down again this time I know I see you smiling, let me say something I'll do the same for you sometime So called memories, so called boundaries So it goes I learned my lesson I will care for me and my soul only Next time I'll be closed minded My mind was yours, your hate is mine I gave my faith, don't waste your breath I see you smiling, let me do my thing Totally taken and possessed I hear you laughing, let me say something Never again so obsessed

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