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[Lyrics : Fred Death] No love, absolute hatred Civilization in regression The human race was born to make war To hate each other The nature only made one mistake to Give intelligence to human being Mutual assured destruction Civilization in regression Devasting reign in the cause of god Kingdome of corruption, madmen in command People die by torture and pain Rotting eyes, scorchung flesh, decapitation I`m under the impression to live an eternal nightmare The world seems to be in a hopeless situation Men like fighting and have no fear Men feel no shame, they`re hunger for power Distorting truth, religion of the lie No one trust no one Mutual assured destruction Civilization in regression Absolute rage, racial extermination See them cry, watch them die There`s no heaven but just hell called Planet earth I hope the end is near We have to be exterminated I wish I could do it and them kill myself That`s the ultimate solution I just can`t wait for that day

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