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[Lyrics : Greg Conan] I want to leave here, before it`s too late Open my arms and embrace my fate Rocked in the cradle, and then Drowned in hell`s lake When I go the earth will shake Into the darkness ! I thrust my sword I curse at you ! Almighty lord I`m the forgotten one, who has no name The bastard son, who feels no pain One of four, one of a kind One of those, lost in time I`ve taken too much of this, and drank Too much of that I`ll vomit it all up, and we`ll all take a bath I crap on your systems and your faces The difference form right and the knowledge of wrong Are the lessons you know, when you`re dead and gone Feeling of pleasure and feelings of pain Are the sensations, just part of the game Into the darkness ! Thrust my sword I come to thee ! Almighty lord Like a switch a blade that knows where to go I`ll spill your blood, and demand some more

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