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Versuri My Only Friend

Evil seems to be endless Just when we think we have discovered, Heard and found out some Infamie which is already off limits, Again comes something New even more scaring Sometimes it's like we live in a world That will surely break Down under the pressure of modern life Sinners breed like sickness, People have no control over their Most primary feelings Any society that you build Will have its own limits Is murder like anything you take to Once that you've decided on a killing, First you make a stone out Of your heart and if you find That your hands are still willing, Then you can turn mass murder into art Now if you have a taste For killing experience And if you're flushed with Your very first success, Then you really should try Lay them down in front of me Lay them down for all to see Here is one as white as snow Bound to beliefs that You are bound to go And with this point sharpened by a fire I'll bring out the truth, I show who's the liar Never ending cries, its following you Weakness breed like disease Gripped in illusion, of brutality Picture of your vices Pain, my only friend Can't stand this feeling Shame, your only way Can't stop the killing

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