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[Lyrics : Chris Palengat] Feeling no remorse when bombs land on target You feel the satisfaction of a job well done Devoid of feeling You`re a war machine Devotion to duty, no sense of regret It`s the result of treatments you`ve undergone Drafted to this air armada Because you`re at their beck and call Filled full of propaganda They`ve got your mind under control Brainwashing program Fire and forget instruction Conditioned reflex No human factor Blind subordination Dropping a thousand bombs without hesitation No consideration for the people you kill devoid of feeling You`re a war machine They`ve erased your scruples about slaughtering You obey orders on your own free will You`ve followed a special training Molding your sensibility They`ve broken you, no thinking for yourself Changing your personality Mental enslavement Fire and forget instruction Conditioned reflex No human factor Blind subordination Now you live the life of an automation And they obtain your entire submission Using this program of indoctrination They`ve neutralized your conscience You`re a mere shadow of your former self Unquestioning obedience It`s their way of appeasing your conscience Psychological cleaning You`ve been brainwashed

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