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Harmless numbers The source of your satisfaction Harmfull leaders Can you see our disillusion Full of power That will be your downfall someday Absolute reign Nothing lasts, you will miss the past, You will miss the past [Chorus :] There through the ages, We're locked up in your cages Day by day we realize, this is time for lies Nothing more for me, in your society Day by day we realize, you laugh at my cries Puppet you carry no weight Numbers someone runs the show Thousand people will follow A clown born to have the crown The sheep are grazing Servants are sleeping Have your conscience clear Have your conscience clear You're the maker I don't belong to anything Pawn in your hand You never brought me to your knees Break the system I'm a shock to the system Full of glory Something that you will never see

Harmless Numbers versurile cuvintele muzica straina cantece versuri piesa Massacra. Cuvintele versuri descarca piesa cuvinte album mp3.

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