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Opression, where they fought for freedom Revolution, where life was peaceful A nightmare, it was just a dream But never mind, we don't give damn [Chorus :] I've been to blind for too long Masters and fakers, who's gonna save me Suckers and preachers, can't you believe me Oily slick, where the water was clear Homeless people, while some strike it rich Barren land, where the forest was green But never mind, we don't give damn One that laughs, one that cries, So much we don't understand Rebellion, starvation, The same story that's a fact One step up, two steps back, The same story once again Believers, agnostics, Get down on your knees and pray

Muzica straina piesa album piesa Massacra cantece asculta. Piesa Suckers versurile versuri versuri album.

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