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Intro: Ayo, yea niggas I'm talkin to all y'all hard rock niggas Let y'all niggas know that I understand What niggas is really goin through ya understand? Motherfuckin down to they last cent Smoke the looseys Thinkin up shit to do, doin stick ups and shit Bustin at niggas, murderin niggas Gettin bullshit ass money What if that was your breed was you murderin clown? It's wack Shout out to grandpa, you know what i'm sayin Shout out to grandpa kelly My man ralou's brother little Deven Ya know I'm sayin, Freaky Taliq's moms, rest in peace Know I'm sayin Everybody wanna live the ill life, know i'm sayin But yo we tryin ta live it like love, peace and nappiness You know I'm sayin, word up Verse 1 I'm growing up in the ghetto And there was nobody happy And my head is mad nappy and I'm thinkin up a way that I can get some dough Man I'm tryin ta blow But yet this record shit is so slow I got the whole family on my back All I do is eat and sleep Run the street with that steel pack You know the lost boyz got With timbs and jeans Field jackets, and hats coverin the eyes But listen, that's how it is If you don't dig how I live Motherfucka (???) Cuz everyday on the street The black man is gettin beat Police line us up on the concrete Now people look at me And always see wrong A new problem everyday I'm tryin ta be strong Now how strong can a nigga be When the blacks is locked down And the white man's got the key It's gettin harder day after day Somebody got ta pay And in my closet lays an AK The new (???) is found dead Plus when he killed the girl He put the gun to his own head Ya never hear it on the 6:00 news When my niggas get killed in the street over tennis shoes It's hard enough for us blacks to earn cash man The homeless keep warm by settin fire to a trash can Now everyday I need ends New (???) my nigga weed St. Ides is my best friend Pa's is broke No calls comin in on my phone And money I'm down to my last stone My mom dukes is always bangin on my door My music's too loud I got clothes on the floor (pick em up) She doesn't understand I'm cruisin in the fast lane I'm fresh outta nerves Ma, you're workin on my last vein Now how can I explain That I don't wanna take her out But that's stuck in my brain We're havin fight after fight Because I leave when it's bright And comes home the next night But that's the life that I live understands me It's bad enough that Po-Nine tried ta can me Ayo my lifestyle is rough I got three sisters, four brothers Man, ain't this enough? But yet I gots no hero But I got the 411 on the ghetto Tune into channel zero Tune into channel zero Tune into channel zero Chorus: Everybody in the world Everybody uptown Everybody in Queens Tune into channel zero Everybody in Brooklyn Everybody in the Bronx Everybody in the world Tune into channel zero Verse 2: I live in Queens, New York (what you do?) I twist a cap with my niggas Smoke a blunt let's start to talk About this ill situation That us blacks is in It's time we build a better nation Motherfuck them police Some whites talk about peace (?????) But they ain't ready for the planet Marky Mark be talkin that slang But he don't even understand it Yea I said Marky Mark Frontin like the buddarist punk I never saw you in the park You give it all to your bullshit skills G A white boy actin black, that shit kills me Pants hangin, talkin slang kid and all that I never seen you in the projects or black Ya never wons no grammy Ya whites gave Elvis a stamp But what ya plan ta give my man Sammy?

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