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Versuri Work Me Slow

Verse One (Kandi): Play me some music, and pour me some wine. I'm in the mood now, I got love on my mind. I want you to know, that I like it real slow. And whenever your ready, you can slide off my clothes. And touch my body, anywhere, I'm yours tonight, Make it right, Baby just take me there. Chorus: Take your time and work me slowly (work it), Cause I'm the kind of girl, Who needs the kind of guy, That can last, (work it). Don't need a man around, If his's throwin down too fast, You gotta work me slowly. Verse Two (Kandi): Now change your position, and keep it right there. Just go with my motions, rub you hands through my hair. I hope you don't mind it, if I let out a scream, Cause it's feeling to good to me, it's more than I dreamed. It's more than pleasure, it's ecstasy, Up and down, Round and round, Baby just come with me, Take your time. Repeat Chorus Bridge (LaTocha): Then in the morning, We'll do it all over again, (Do it all over again) I don't want this feeling to never end. I can't believe how your loving me, You give me all, I can't believe your still stroking me, Cause baby your taking it all. Repeat Chorus

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