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I will always love you... Verse One (Kandi): You were the first to take my heart, Make me happy, at the same time make me cry, Show me a lot of things I never knew I had inside. Late night phone conversations of you, Telling me what you wanna do, Then we argue all night about who's been sleeping with you. Bridge (LaTocha): No matter what people say, It don't change the way I feel. And no matter how much we fuss and fight, I got to keep it real with myself. 'Cause as bad as I wanna leave, It's the hardest thing for me. I can keep trying to act like I don't care, But deep down inside I ain't going nowhere. Chorus: I will always love you, No matter how many things you do or say, Certain things just don't go away. (Repeat x2) Verse Two (Kandi): You were the first to see my body, body, Give me gifts and all kinds of real nice things. I used to tell you how much I loved you, And in return you would do the same. I've had so many lonely days, Ever since you upped and went away. I can't help but wonder where you're at, Hoping one day you'll be back baby. Repeat Bridge and Chorus Respectfully I say to you I'm aware that you're cheating, But no one, no one can make me feel the way you do. Repeat Chorus

Xscape versuri asculta cuvintele ultima melodie piesa. Album I Will versuri versurile ultima melodie asculta muzica straina cantece.

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