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Versuri Hold On

Verse One (Tiny): I can make any man do whatever it takes, Yet I hesitate, sit 'em down or wine and dine and make a play. There's more to love than you're thinking of, If I can wait then why won't you my my my my love. Chorus: There's more to love then making love, So why don't you just hold on. There's a time for everything, But I have got to know. Hold on to love (repeat x7) Verse Two (Kandi): It's not too late to slow it down, settle down and appreciate, All the love I'm showing you and giving you in other ways. Soon enough my heart will say to you I do, to love always, I'll give myself to you that day and my baby, oooh yeah yeah yeah. Bridge (Kandi): I don't want to be another one, So you can say that you've had your way. I'll show you I'm worth the wait, Just hold on to everyday, And we will know how far to go in time. Repeat Chorus Hold on to love (repeat x7) Whoa whoa whoa (Repeat x8) Repeat Chorus

Muzica album Hold On muzica versuri piesa asculta versurile muzica versurile. Xscape piesa muzica straina asculta versuri.

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